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I took the boys to town, giving the Hunky Hubby a chance for a quiet day with friends. We stopped at the Monitor bridge, ran back and forth across it for 20 minutes. I’ve never had time to stop before and the boys ask to every time. This time I made the time. We ran until everyone got so tired they started slipping and falling with exhaustion. Then it was on to the park and off to McDonald’s for dinner and over an hour to play. But something was different about this trip to the golden arches. I sat at the table and watched. That’s all. I wasn’t nursing a baby. I wasn’t hovering over a toddler. I wasn’t holding a wailing little brother who wasn’t quite old enough to go with the big boys onto the toys. I sat and watched as my three big boys 7, 5, and 3 took off their shoes and ran screaming into the bowls of the toys. They came rushing out about every 5 minutes for a bite of fries and a slurp of milkshake, then off they would go again. I did climb into the play structure once to go down the slide with my youngest. He doesn’t like to do it alone. Still wants to sit on Momma’s lap, which isn’t going to last long. But it was a bittersweet experience to finally relax and observe. They are so amazing. So fast and strong and confident. But they need me so much still too, cycling back to me at intervals for food and a smile, reassurance and a hug. Man I love those boys.


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  • Grandma Judy

    Me too!!! They are born to grow and become what God has planned, we expect that, but it is bitter sweet as you say. I’m so glad you have treasured every stage of their growing and haven’t pushed them through in a hurry for the next stage. I learned to treasure the moment from their ‘Grammy’. In her wisdom, she lived that principle out for me to observe. I am forever grateful.

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