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This week I noticed the passing of another milestone. Last year I believe I commented on the astounding amount of time that it took to get all three boys pottied, clothed,  snowclothed, and outside. The fastest it ever happened was a record 15 minutes and the longest was…I think 90 minutes. But a 45 minute battle was fairly normal for us. Heather told me that soon this would all change and I would be the last one in the house, rushing to get into my snowpants and follow in their smoking wake. I didn’t really believe her.

Well, it snowed this week. And the boys finished up school and I looked up and both Sweet Boy #1 and Sweet Boy#2 were completely dressed and heading outside and Sweet Boy#3 was in his snuggly clothes and boots following them. I swear it happened before I even noticed them sniffing in the direction of the snowclothes, it was that fast. So I got clothes onto Sweet Boy#3 and he was out the door running as I struggled into my warm things to chase after.

WOW! It happened. Heather you were right after all. I just can’t believe how big and capable they are. By Christmas they will be 7, 5, and 3. I guess they really are growing up.


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