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Well, our epic journey to Grandma Judy’s was a success. The boys rampaged about their grandparents house bringing that mad spark of life that everyone enjoys for short bursts of time (right before the frantic screaming of “When was nap time?”).

Sweet boy #3 flung the dirt from 2 potted plants all over the house. This is reason #346 why I do not have a single living plant inside my home.

Sweet boy #2 ran into the house and asked Grandma Judy if he could “Dig down deep in the garden.” She thought he wanted to “Go deep into the garden” and said yes. So the boys dug in a corner of the garden that sweet boy #2 swore that Grandma Judy authorized, only later we discovered it was newly planted with beets! Not anymore.

All three boys harvested potatoes with Grandpa Dave. Which they took very seriously. And also watched him saw logs. Of course the weekend was not complete without first picking blackberries and then baking a pie with Grandma Judy. And to top off the stay, the boys personally counted 117 airplanes flying overhead!


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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  • Grandma Judy

    It was a WONDERFUL visit, full of fun and excitement! I’m quite sure that the beets would not have gotten big enough to use anyway, no loss. The fun digging in the dirt was much more valuable! I had such a good time with you.

    I miss you and the lovable cyclones.
    Love to you.

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