Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

The humor of 3-year-olds–Sweet Boy#3–“There’s a ghost in my throat…hee hee hee…There’s a ghost with the mosquitoes in my ears!”

Sweet Boy#3–“I sneezed out a bomb!”

Sweet Boy#2–“I forgot that, because I have a short mind.”

Sweet Boy#3–“As far as the eye can stretch.”

Sweet Boy#3–Sees Auntie Rolana take a sip of pop from a can belonging to one of her kids
Sweet Boy#3–“You like sharing germs?”
Auntie Rolana–“Only with people I know.”
Sweet Boy#3–“Me Too!!!”

Sweet Boy#3–Shows me a new cut that he has acquired–“Look at the insides of me.”

Sweet Boy#3–His favorite song for bedtime is now “The Old Rugged Cross”, the moment he first heard it he exclaimed that “this is a fun one”. He was singing along with me the other day, but got a few of the words…and his theology, mixed up a bit. “…and exchange it someday for a car.” Um….


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  • Grandma Judy

    I am still laughing! Passed this on on to the Koinonias. They will love it!

    Love to you.

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