Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#2–“I want orange juice.”
Momma–“No, we’re going to make orange chicken with it.”
Sweet Boy#2–“Why do we have to have Orange chicken”
Sweet Boy#2–Insert scowl–“I think Orange chicken is a kind of a seafood.”

We get gift certificates to Applebees at the dentist and go out to eat.
Momma–“Why aren’t’ you eating your mini-burgers?”
Sweet Boy#1–“It’s because their not as good as the McDonald’s ones.”

We find the Hunky Hubby’s plastic cockroach in the toys and end up telling the story of how he hid it in my laptop when we were in collage and when I opened my computer I screamed in class and then was forced to explain the situation to the entire group of scholars. Of course he did it many times until that one time that I burst into tears…and that was the last. In response to this story.
Sweet Boy#2–“Daddy, did someone teach you to do that?”

My boys are all so different, they both read the same book on ducks. And this is what they retained about the bright colors in male ducks feathers.
Sweet Boy#2–“They are getting all pretty because they are about to marry a girl duck.”
Sweet Boy#1–Insert rolled eyes and somewhat snotty voice–“It’s called breeding plumage.”


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