Boy Quotes

Boy Quotes

Sweet Boy#3–I catch him singing this in a little voice under his breath after watching a Tick episode–“When no one understands you, the wittle things you do…”

Sweet Boy#1–Comes to me in tears and states–“(sweet boy#2) and I are back to being worst enemies again!”

Sweet Boy#1–McDonalds no longer offers caremel sauce with it’s apples–“This is my biggest Drat ever.”

Sweet Boy#2–“When you marry someone you kiss on the lips, it’s gonna be gross.” And so they decide to forgo marriage and “live together as brothers” when they grow up…until Sweet Boy#2 informs Sweet Boy#3 that “Grown-ups who live together don’t fight” and so Sweet Boy#3 says “I can just visit. I don’t want to live with you anymore.” Anything to preserve the brotherly tradition of fighting.

Sweet Boy#2–“If I grow up to be a warrior I’ll use a club with spikes on it and I’ll swing it above my head.”–I wonder what his collage major is going to end up being???



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