A Movie Review–Prince of Persia

When we were over at my folks for the big zoo journey I got the chance to go see a movie with my Papa. We caught an 8:30 showing of “Prince of Persia” in Federal Way and also had dessert. Yum!

Now to the movie.

I was thrilled with all of the authentic seeming architecture and armor and marvelous costumes. Ancient Assyria is my area of interest and so Persia has several hundred years of technological improvements but in the ancient world these kind of things occurred slowly and were mainly in the area of war time equipment. Different metals for their blades, different ways of using cavalry, seige technique, that sort of thing. So there were still Lion Colossi and similar guardian statues and fun dusty market places and the costuming was just a bit different but very fun to see and watch.

Now the movie is based upon a video game and is just a hair over the top. Something like “Clash of the Titans” in it’s feel but less monsters and more intrigue. Our hero leaped about the market roof to roof window to window and climbed amazing things and I loved the way they attacked the fabled city and gained entrance. Very cool. There is much slaughter. If that bothers you don’t watch. Some really funny parts involving illegal ostrich racing though.

The plot was great, the love story was great, all in all a fun flick. There was one group of pseudo-satanic, snake throwing assassins that I would have made less creepy. Too much nasty chanting and snake communing and snake tossing. And the part where a flock of vipers launched out of the desert sand like smart missiles into a group of helpless victims was less than realistic. I think one would have to be a mad scientist with a fair amount of prep time to make that actually occur. And even then your vicious vipers would probably get all mushed in the process.

So, to sum it up. Great costumes. Lots of action. Lots of Fun. But less of the snakes and creepy snake men would be preferable. A good flick for the right audience.


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single book...you're welcome!

3 thoughts on “A Movie Review–Prince of Persia

  • mamagriffith

    I loved loved loved the prince of persia! A new favorite for me!

  • Grandma Judy

    Glad I didn’t see the snakes. Would have meant nightmares for several nights. However, I had a wonderful time with the cyclones while you were at the movie, doing those night time things, the tucking into bed, the praying, the snuggling.

    Love to you.

  • Me too! I like it even better than Clash of the Titans. We will have to rent it together when it comes out.

    I just realized that Eclipse will be coming out while you are here, but figuring out who to leave 6 wiggly children with while we flee to the theater just might be impossible. Ah well, we can think about how…”interesting” it will be and laugh fromm a distence in our imaginings.

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