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A Cabin Update

As you all (meaning my mother) know, my two oldest sons each have imaginary cabins. Since all of my devoted readers (uh hum…yes that’s you mom) are greatly entertained by their many descriptions of and arguments about their cabins, I thought that I’d keep track of any cabin news here on the blog.

The Hunky Hubby and I were reading sweet boy #1s new book “Volcanoes and Earthquakes”, and we came to a very popular page that showed the destruction that an earthquake can cause various buildings, homes, and fire-hydrants. A large sort of stucco type office building showed massive cracks all over its cheery industrial outer wall. Sweet boy #2 was greatly impressed. After ogling the destruction for a few moments, he turned to the Hunky Hubby and explained his attraction. “That happened to my cabin!” I had no idea that my sons had chosen to build lasting structures upon a fault line. Knowing their attraction to natural disasters, it was probably on purpose.


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  • your boys have such great imaginations, with continuing plot lines. Do they tell storys yet? When I go to tell mine stories often times they run over my plot lines with ‘better’ suggestions. Mr steel often times suggests shark familys.

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