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Writing News

I continued to chop and destroy chapters 2, 16, and 19 this week but while I was able to make them much shorter, only chapters 2, and 16 are under the twenty page limit. AAAAArggggg! But they are better and I managed to remove over 5,000 words from my chubby tome. Next week I’m supposed to be cutting or explaining my many confusing historical references, but I think I’ll wait on that and do more random cutting in the rest of the manuscript since I’m in a ruthless mood already.

Breaking News

This week the hunky hubby was busy with Junior B camp and the boys and I were in a state of Nirvana because Dum dum dum dum… Grandma Judy was here for a whole week!!! They played trains, they ran and leaped and crashed and tumbled, they narrated each scene of “Planet Earth” for her in joyful shouting voices. It was all wonderful squared. They were even thrilled when we were stuck behind Grandma Judy as she slowly drove down our mountain road. “Look Grandma Judy! Were driving behind Grandma Judy!!!” Of course the hunky hubby wasn’t quite so thrilled. He has different speed requirements, but the boys were delighted in every conceivable way.


Parent Moment of the Week

As usual, I have several events to choose from this week. And in honor of the Christmas season, you know four months from now, I am not going to choose the most infuriating or even the messiest moment. I choose the most charming harrowing moment, out of the goodwill of my heart. So… Anywho, there is this movie entitled “Milo and Otis” wherein a cat and pug dog are tortured for an hour and a half through various adventures and then end up having offspring, stealing dried fish, and meandering back to the farm that spawned them. Well this cinematic masterpiece is the absolute favorite of my two oldest boys. They request it every Saturday morning and are constantly mewing and scampering about the house being “Milos”. I walk into their bedroom this week, which contains a large bunk bed among other hazards, and find my four-year-old dangling a blanket over the railing of the top bunk. On the bottom bunk is my two-year-old with the self same blanket clamped tightly in his teeth. The four-year-old is commanding him loudly to bite down hard and then attempts to haul him up to the top bunk using this blanket and one set of straining baby teeth. Very exciting. Apparently before we entered they had succeeded in lifting the four-year-old aloft in the same manor, but the grain of salt thing might be called for in this instance. They told me they were reenacting one of the thrilling moments of the afore mentioned movie in which Otis pulls Milo out of a pit using a rope that Milo grips tightly in his sharp kitty teeth. Who would have known?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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