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Writing News

I did some research, wrote down some notes, had some good ideas for books that I can write 10 years from now after I’m finished with the current one. Of course these ideas always seem to come at night right as I’m getting ready for bed. I hop in bed and BOOM! A marvelous idea splatters my brain, so I grab my little notebook out of my nightstand (this has all happened before you see) and scribble it down. Then I lay down and of course, another idea, get up, scribble. Then I scrunch down into the covers and finally get that warm vacant feeling where all of you is finally relaxed and nothing is cramped or aching anymore and sleep hovers just behind your eyelids and…yep a great idea. So I have to hop up and scribble some more because I know from experience that the viability of the afore mentioned idea drains off at an astounding rate when it is un-scribbled and if the idea were to sit for a whole night it would be nothing but soggy gibberish by morning. So alas, more scribbling. I know I know. I should just be grateful that I actually had an idea. I am. Marvelously grateful. I’m quite near to crying with gratefulness. Can’t you tell?

Breaking News

The boys and I went on an “Adventure” yesterday into the Meadow. To qualify as an adventure, a walk must be at least an hour long and include food packed in the boys’ cute little backpacks for them to lug around. All of the necessary elements were in place yesterday. I got all three cyclones into snow clothes, (no easy task, it takes a minimum of 20 min, sometimes over an hour depending on how many times they have to go potty and how many poopy diapers appear) packed lunches, put sweet boy #3 in the jogging stroller, and off we went. Down into the partially thawing depths of the Alpine Meadow on which we live. A Chinook wind just blew through a few days back and water had started running beneath the snow as it melted. Then it began to freeze making these little spots of clear ice here and there. The boys loved slipping and sliding on them, but when I started breaking through into the frigid water below, with the stroller, I rounded up the 2 big boys (3 and 5) and drug them home. By the time we’d safely arrived in our own little kitchen (I bribed them with chocolate chip cookies to get them to acompany my retreat) all of us had broken through and were a wee bit wet. It was good to get inside with the cookies. All in all a successful “Adventure”.


Parent Moment of the Week

I’m afraid that I have a very clear winner for the harrowing moment of the week. Sweet boy #2 is a charming, feisty little blond, with a talent for mayhem and the ability to look adorable no matter what illegal activity he is engaging in. Despite his aforementioned cuteness, we have been noticing something over the past several weeks. He smelled bad! His breath reeked. I would cuddle him and his odor could curdle milk that you already drank, two hours beforehand. We brushed his teeth relentlessly and flossed religiously and finally I made a doctors appointment because something just felt wrong. I felt foolish as I gave the receptionist my reason for seeing the Dr. but I plunged ahead despite embarrassment. By the time the day of his Dr. visit finally arrived, I could smell him from several feet away. Something had to be done. Well, the Dr. looked up his nose (it had been seeping blood off and on) and lo and behold there was something there! He reached in with his handy dandy tweezers and removed a small puff ball. A puff ball that had been stuck and rotting in my sweet boy’s nose, for weeks! Sweet boy #2 smells much much better now. And so if someone you love becomes alarmingly odiferous. Consider the possibility of random objects rotting in their nasal cavity. Who would have guessed?


I promise you a crazed animal, a concussion, and a kiss in every single're welcome!

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