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As the mom of three passionate readers, my quarterly newsletter gives you tips to launch your kids into the great wide world of books as well as ideas for shooing them outside into God’s creation. One of the best strategies for getting your kiddos reading is to read together. I have a tool for doing just that with Dandelion Floofums, a story for children that intersects with the plot of my RomCom Chicken Crossing. Moms and kids can read together as little ones find out what in the world those chickens were doing while the heroine of Chicken Crossing was madly searching for them! Also, enjoy any scandalous news about my Newfoundland dog Princess Leia Freyja and be baffled by whatever new insanity I’m writing up. Brave chickens battling skunks, a giant platypus rampaging in the woods, puppies that fold laundry? Hear all the crazy stories and then sooth your troubled mind with photos of the mountain meadow where we live and Princess Leia Freyja in all her adorable splendor.

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